It says Random Ten at the top, but this week I’m actually not doing one, due to the fact that my laptop is crashed and that’s where the music is.  Hopefully that situation will be Under Control within a week and we can return to normal bloggy goodness with music at the end of the week and everything. 

But this week, I’d rather do something else anyway.  Memphis suddenly lost somebody really special this week.  A friend to everyone, many people knew him as the sweet natured guy that poured their drinks with an unforgettable smile, at an assortment of restaurants and bars for many, many years.  The people who were closest to him knew him as one of their closest friends and confidants, indeed, a member of their family.  A lot of hearts in this town are broken right now. Ever since I heard the news, the traditional Irish song “The Parting Glass” has been running through my head, specifically the version done by The High Kings.  So this is for David and everybody who is this week coming to terms with cherishing his memory. 

Tell your people that you love them, folks, and I’ll see you next week.