Pastor-Martin-Ssempa-225x300In a disgusting new twist to the anti-gay fervor that has swept Uganda, The Daily Monitor reports that Makerere University student leaders said in a meeting with the chairman of the committee handling the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that recruitment of gays was rampant at the university campus. The students told Mr. Tashobya (in charge of the committee) that each of their colleagues who join homosexuals is paid a monthly salary of Shs800, 000.

I have no idea how much Ugandan money that is — but it sounds like some serious coin. We also know, due to reality and common sense, that this allegation is pure propaganda and utterly false. Exactly, who is paying these students? Until there is proof, such allegations should not be made and those putting forth such lies should be punished.

I’m still in shock. In one of the most anti-gay nations on earth — gays are getting salaries. Do they have to take out taxes for such services?

Seriously, what next, accusations that gay people roast children and eat them for snacks?

I’m not trying to be judgmental — but the anti-gay Ugandan legislators sound remarkably ignorant. How uniformed (particularly in the Internet age) does one have to be to believe such bile? Or maybe raw hatred makes some people blind to the complete incoherence and idiocy of the arguments put forth by supporters of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The legislators in Uganda must ask themselves a pertinent question: Do they really want to look like some of the shit stupidest people in the world by passing a murderous bill based on laughably ridiculous stereotypes and lies? Do they really want to be laughingstocks and punchlines for the rest of the planet? Because I guarantee them — based on the “evidence” put forth — that anyone who votes for this bill will be disrepected and mocked in normal societies throughout the world. They will be viewed as circus freaks with brains the size of lady bug spots.

Speaking of people snickered at on the world stage, the noticeably effete anti-gay and condom burning activist Pastor Martin Ssempa (pictured) has presented a petition in Uganda’s parliament, calling for the passing of the anti-gay bill. The petition, signed by two million people countrywide, was presented to the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Ssekandi, yesterday.

Ssempa’s bizarre obsession with gay people having sex is jarring — particularly because he looks so damn gay.

Is he the next Larry Craig? I’m betting on it.