Dan Blatt at Gay Patriot asks a question, and I assume he’s asking it in good faith, so I will answer it in good faith:

I wonder (and not for the first time) why those who use such venom in their criticism of conservatives and Christians, must themselves label their critics as haters and their arguments as hateful.

Firstly, a conservative’s definition of “venom” tends to be very different from a liberal’s definition of “venom.” Liberals use humor and sarcasm which is often interpreted by conservatives as “hatred.” But that is a side point, and not the question he was asking.

The reason we correctly call anti-gay wingnuts and their organizations “haters” is that this is not 1845. Every argument against homosexuality and equal rights for gays has been summarily disproven and left out to die on the side of the road. The people who bitterly cling to religious ideologies which they put on pedestals above reality and their own common sense have every resource available to them that we do, starting with Google. They can learn these things for themselves. Therefore, they don’t have any good excuse beyond blind religious devotion [synonym often is “hatred”] for their ridiculous beliefs about and political actions against the gay community.

It is that simple. Dan, you can apologize for your ideological “friends” all you want, but those of us who actually do this for a living know better.