So these videos, of Fr. John Hollowell teaching a class in anti-gay indoctrination at Cardinal Ritter High School in Indianapolis, have been going around this week. I really have nothing to say about them, except that this is video evidence of the climate being created which leads to depression and suicide in LGBT youth. You say Traditional Catholic Teaching? Reality calls it hate speech. And reality calls it hate speech because this theoretically celibate priest, presumably, is literate, and so has access to all the myriad information available which disproves every stupid thing that comes out of his mouth. Unfortunately, children are taught to respect this man. So my question is: Is the next gay teen victim of bullying, religiously-induced self hatred or suicide in that classroom?

If you have literally nothing better to do with your life, no hair needs to be washed, no cats need to be french braided, the rest of the videos are here, on the bigot’s YouTube page.