My dog continues to be tired of Religious Right, as it takes her Daddy away from throwing the squeaky duck, the squeaky chicken having been long destroyed.  She would like you to know, though, that she did not do that to the blinds behind her.  No, it was more “the other dog in the house” who did that.


Also, I am obliged to point out, because I promised my friends I would, that these donuts we won at trivia the other night are REALLY GOOD, even though we would have won more if YOUR DUMB BLOGGER hadn’t flubbed the question, “Who is the prime minister of the United Kingdom?”

I am hanging my head in shame, but in my defense, David Cameron hasn’t said anything significant about homosexuals yet, and I often miss important things these days if they don’t involve gays in some way.

Le sigh.

Consider this your morning thread.