Music time! I was about to start this Random Ten with something else entirely, but then I read something and changed my mind. Maybe we’ll use that song next week! Anyway, I’ve been listening to Stars a lot this week. If you are not familiar with Stars, all the people in Stars are either ALSO in Broken Social Scene, or have worked with Broken Social Scene quite a bit. If you’re not familiar with Broken Social Scene, well, get thee to the YouTube and stuff. Amy Millan’s voice is quite special, and her solo work is stellar as well. Anyway, blah blah blah, these two songs are the ones I’ve been listening to on repeat all week. First up is “Dead Hearts” and then we have “How Much More.” Then we’ll hit shuffle on the iTunes, post the first ten songs that come up, post some videos for some of those songs, blah blah, you know the drill. Ooh, something shiny! GO!

1. Lissie – “Wedding Bells” [Hank Williams cover]
2. Speck Mountain – “Some Sweet Relief”
3. Imogen Heap – “Aha! [Instrumental Version]”
4. The Beatles – “Rain”
5. Port O’Brien – “Is This Really What It’s Come To?”
6. The Sundays – “You’re Not The Only One I Know”
7. The Killers – “Read My Mind”
8. Joan Osborne – “4 Camels”
9. Palestrina: “Canite tuba” [Voices of Ascension cond. by Dennis Keene]
10. Carly Simon – “Lili Marlene” [made famous by Marlene Dietrich]

Mmmmm, the blues. Also, Brandon Flowers is hot. Even in half geisha drag.