As a domestic partnership.  It’s a bit confusing, but here’s what happened, and I’ll try to clarify below:

Washington would recognize domestic partnerships from other states same-sex marriages from other states as legal domestic partnerships under a bill approved by the state Senate Wednesday.

The Senate voted 28-19 to pass the bill, HB 1649. It now heads to Gov. Chris Gregoire to sign into law.

Under current law, the state recognizes domestic partnerships from other states, but excludes same-sex marriage. The bill would not authorize same-sex marriage in Washington, but such marriages from elsewhere would be eligible for the rights granted to domestic partnerships in this state.


The bill, sponsored by Rep. Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma, cleared the House with a 58-39 vote earlier this month.

Basically what this is saying is that, no matter how you’ve codified your same-sex partnership, Washington will recognize it to the extent that their law allows, which is domestic partnerships, which, if you’ll remember, were voted on by the people and approved. Now, the legislature is bringing everything in line with their laws, as they currently stand, because if you’ll remember, Washington has a same-sex marriage ban remaining on its books. When that goes away [and it will], those couples who were married elsewhere should be bumped up to married status in Washington.  Governor Chris Gregoire, by the way, has said she will sign this bill.

All in all, a step in the right direction.

[h/t Joe]