Peter LaBarbera apparently hasn’t noticed that he’s gaining no traction with his “I know you are but what am I?” approach to having his organization labeled as a hate group, because in his response to the Exodus iPhone app controversy, he gives Truth Wins Out an entire bolded sub-section where he again asserts that we are the real haters and that Wayne is mean.  The “I know you are but what am I” starts way before that though:

[T]he Homosexual Lobby’s hardball strategy is built on lies, intimidation and even bullying of well-meaning, compassionate Christians and religious people who simply disagree with the practice of homosexuality.

I often wonder whether or not Peter is truly a fool.  Because see, this is the thing:  it is beyond question that radical anti-gay extremists lie constantly about gay people, demonize gay people, bully gay people [sometimes to death!  We still are the only side with a bodycount, of course.], etc.  This is not a “point of view.”  It is a verifiable fact.  Fundamentalist Christians whine about the same four or five sob stories constantly — did you hear about the time the wedding photographer in New Mexico had to abide by state law? — but that’s just a bunch of crybaby whimpering compared to gay teenagers killing themselves.  And please either drop the adjectives “well-meaning” and “compassionate,” or add “brainwashed” to the list.  Either way would be more accurate.

Incredibly, a tiny Sexual Sin Lobby

Always labeling things with words he can’t prove are accurate.

presumes to dictate to the rest of us what is and is not acceptable speech, ideas, and conduct with regard to homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”

Why don’t you just use the word “uppity” and get on with it, Pete?

(They even claim to be the arbiter of what is ”love” and “hate.”)

Nah, we’re just not brainwashed by the Fundamentalist definitions of those words and thus use them as the English language intends.

The failure of the national media — stuck in “gays-as-victims” mode – to question the growing pro-LGBT intolerance, demonization, and oppression of adherents to Judeo-Christian moral teachings, itself contributes greatly to the persecution of people of faith.

If you were an alien and the first thing you read on Planet Earth was a screed from an anti-gay wingnut, you would get the oppression, I mean impression that gay people are hauling fundamentalists off to concentration camps, wouldn’t you? Such is the anguish they feel over living in a country which is finally starting to chip away at the pedestal they have put themselves on ever since their/our ancestors landed and started massacring Native Americans.

Even more ridiculous is the idea of affixing a ”civil rights” label to homosexual militants like ”Truth Wins Out” (TWO) who are devoted to crushing the civil rights and voice of opposing pro-family advocates.

What “civil rights” are being taken away from extremist Christians, Peter? Please use the accepted definition of “civil rights,” as opposed to the “whatever wingnuts want to do” definition. And please do it quietly, as we are trying to crush your voice by quoting your word salad verbatim, again, as we frequently do.

The next section is Peter complaining that Exodus is too nice to gays, which is to be expected coming from a hate group leader. This is humorous:

Christians and moral-minded Americans MUST actively defend truth on this issue against the many “gay” lies (even the activist term “gay” is a lie…)

Did you know that “gay” was an “activist term”? I had no idea. Since the great majority of Americans refer to gay people as, um, gay people, I guess the great majority of Americans are gay activists now. Win!

Aggressive homo-fascism hates dissent, religious or otherwise.

Totally true, as I reported at Wonkette the other day.

For goodness sake, 31 out of 31 states provided the opportunity have voted down “same-sex marriage,” and yet opposition to same sex marriage is now widely derided as “hate” by all major homosexualist organizations!

Now that we’re reaching the tipping point [of no return] with public acceptance of gay people, it’s going to be really fun when they can’t use that line anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts!

What Exodus’ well-intentioned leaders — and millions of “ministry-minded” Christians — do not understand regarding this cultural debate is that no matter how “nice” you are to the likes of TWO, the only thing that counts is that you oppose homosexual behavior.

Um, yeah, because grown-ups understand that hate, dressed up all sweet-like with Bible words, is still hate.

The expanding list of victimized Christians [click HERE and HERE] makes clear…

Link one is about a bed and breakfast owner who doesn’t want to comply with the laws of the state where he lives. Link two is about a counseling student who is unqualified to enter the profession she seeks to enter because she’s not enough of an adult to maintain the standards of that profession, and instead wants a standing hall pass to give inferior, harmful care any time there’s a gay client involved. These are their “victims.” Get back to me about “victimhood” when one of them commits suicide, or is murdered for being a wingnut, or has to endure years of psychological care because of the scars left by Militant Homosexual Activists, or whatever.

No need to quote the rest of that passage, because the “expanding list of victimized Christians” only makes clear that these people will whine about anything at all, to anyone who will listen, at any time.

(Of course, LGBT activists claim to support religious freedom, but what good is liberty if we cannot publicly proclaim and act upon our historic biblical beliefs about sex, marriage and family?)

You have all the right to proclaim whatever you want. No one is taking that away from you. When you say “act upon,” though, I’d prefer that you have your fundamentalist Christian, within-the-bonds-of-marriage Not Sex as far away from Public as possible, but that’s just me. Seriously, on what planet do these people live wherein “acting upon” their beliefs about marriage and sex and family includes encroaching on other peoples’ lives (people who don’t even want to KNOW them!), and other peoples’ abilities to have whatever beliefs about sex, marriage and family that they want? Really. What planet?

Far from being victims, the best way to think of name-calling homosexual activists like TWO’s Wayne Besen is as bullies.

You are SO MEAN, Wayne. Why do you upset Peter so?

Take special note of “Truth Wins Out’s” preposterous characterization of Exodus as “hateful and bigoted.”

Um, well, they defame gay people on a daily basis by lying about us, misrepresenting scientific research regarding gays [and doing so knowingly], lying to the people who come to them for “counseling,” lying to the world about their own success rate, saying one thing to the world about how they don’t actually try to “change” anyone’s sexuality [because they know smart people will laugh] but telling their clients something altogether different, and just generally by being snakes. Sounds like “hateful and bigoted” to me, but then again, I’m not warped by fundamentalist Christianity.

Any rational observer who compares TWO’s and Exodus’ rhetoric will see who the real “haters” are

Exodus, because a rational observer would, by definition, be an adult, and would be able to see through the “freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ” pablum to uncover the hatred and bigotry [and also the lies] underneath. TWO, on the other hand, doesn’t mince words and doesn’t feel the need to treat people like toddlers. Also, we don’t lie. And we fight for actual victims. And our work doesn’t lead to people suffering lifelong depression or taking their own lives because of what we’ve taught. Yeah. Keeping trying this “I know you are but what am I?” thing, though. It wins more people to our side every time you say it.

TWO regularly engages in extreme, ad hominem, and blatantly anti-Christian rhetoric. (Wayne Besen proudly came up with the ugly “Porno Pete” smear to tar this writer.)

It had nothing to do with all the leather sex photography Peter posts.   Man, that’s a good nickname, though.  Gays who don’t pay that much attention to the news don’t know the name “Peter LaBarbera,” but lots of people know “Porno Pete.”  Warms my black militant homo-fascist heart, it does.

Substituting “gay” ideology for reality

[I know you are but what am I?]

they simply deny the existence of former homosexuals

Because they all end up back out of the closet/on Craigslist looking for gay sex! Alan Chambers, tell us about how you’re still into dudes again.

TWO actively demonizes anyone who goes public about overcoming homosexuality in their life – and especially mocks those who claim to have done so with the divine help of Christ.

Remember that time the “ex-gay” leader got caught knowingly giving guys HIV? That was quite a moment for the industry. Remember the time the poster-boy for the “ex-gay” industry got caught cruising guys in a DC gay bar, by THAT MEAN OLD WAYNE BESEN? But you’re right, Peter, we should focus on whichever “ex-gays” are currently getting paid to spread fundamentalist propaganda, and then forget about them the second they get caught in a New Orleans bathhouse doing lines of coke out of a twink’s belly button.

(Besen’s snarky attack-slogan for Christian, ex-homosexual overcomers is “Pray Away the Gay.”)

Maybe we should retire that one since Exodus now admits they don’t change anyone’s sexuality. Haha, nah. They’re only doing that right now because the spotlight’s on ’em.

Precious few journalists are willing to call out the Homosexual Lobby on its totalitarian-like, censorious approach to ideas and biblical/religious truths that it does not like, so we must.

Well, let’s be fair. The shrinking group of Americans wingnutty enough to think that Peter LaBarbera makes sense are the only ones who actually see this “totalitarian homosexualist” thing going on, so, by definition, they HAVE to be the ones to call it out. They’re also the only ones who think their air conditioning vents are talking to them, most likely. You know who IS calling out the media, though? Victoria Jackson, that paragon of sanity.

Fellow advocate of godly morality, please understand this: militants on the homosexual-bisexual-transgender Left hate you enough to shut down your voice anywhere they can.

I know

You are

But what

Am I?

[Asked Porno Pete.]