michael_brownThis is a very sad sob story:

A well-published theologian struggling to draw public attention to his most recent bestseller hopes that his book will expose the one-sided conversation about homosexuality in America.

Uh, no, we hear about “the other side” all the time, thanks.

Although his newly published book A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been sits near the top of Amazon’s Gay and Lesbian Nonfiction bestsellers list, author Michael L. Brown’s Wednesday press conference kicking off his Washington, D.C., book tour failed to garner any members of the mainstream press.

Maybe it is not very interesting.

[Rev. Patrick] Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, was quick to point to the media buzz that swirled around young evangelical Pastor Rob Bell’s latest book, Love Wins.

“Rob Bell’s got massive media coverage – secular media,” he noted. Stories about Bell’s book appeared in the religion columns of news outlets such as The Washington Post, CNN, Huffington Post, The New York Times and USA Today.

By contrast, Brown’s book received “virtually no coverage,” said Mahoney.

Yeah, I’ve seen some of that Rob Bell stuff, and I’m just a lowly atheist. Ha.

Okay, so let us pause for one moment. Yes, our media sucks, but never for the reasons wingnuts imagine. But the reason Rob Bell gets a lot of coverage is because he is truly one of the only Christian writers out there who is upending the Evangelical world, in a big way, every time he opens his mouth. On the other hand entirely, Michael Brown is a wingnut who has written another anti-gay screed that likely says the same old things every other anti-gay wingnut author’s screed has said. Not interesting, dude.

Anyway, so Brown is being “silenced,” and probably blood libeled, because that term is popular among wingnuts these days, and also:

Brown noted that gay rights activists also don’t want to have public discussions about homosexuality.

Right, we have a really hard damn time with that. What world does this guy live in?

The 700-page hardcover book also includes…

Goodness, SEVEN HUNDRED pages on God Hates Fags? Wow.

Anyway, let me tell y’all a little something about Michael Brown, because he will very likely show up in the comments section to this piece, so starved for attention is he. He is absolutely, bizarrely obsessed with “dialoguing” with gay people, but he is not a good egg. He loves to pull people into long, drawn-out debates wherein he clings to the idea that he is exhibiting the “love of Christ,” when it is obviously anything but, and really just wastes people’s time. He does not actually care about gay people, at least not in a human way. He cares in that sick, fundamentalist way that says “I care enough about you to try to convince you to deny your true self and your humanity for the sake of my worn-out, disproven, harmful ideology.” He’s also linked with the utterly creepy Lou Engle, who I have experienced up close and personal.

Indeed, Brown is so strangely eaten up with his obsession with gay people that he and Old Lou had a joint counter-rally a while back in opposition to Charlotte Pride:

The scope of this event has drawn sharp criticism from GLBT leaders, with a spate of concerned articles appearing on major gay websites, despite the assurances of the rally organizers that their event will be entirely peaceful and non-harassing.

Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend wrote, “I don’t know what kind of radical right magnet is located in Charlotte, NC, but some of the worst homobigots . . . and religious extremists embed themselves there,” noting that “Brown will put his brand of anti-gay activism on display in Charlotte on July 25.”

According to the JoeMyGod website, “Anti-gay preachers Lou Engle . . . and Michael Brown plan to bring a thousand protesters to Charlotte Pride this weekend to scream . . . at attendees about Jeebus. Engle and Brown plan for the Charlotte event to launch a new national movement to oppress gay people.”

Brown points out that everyone participating in the “God Has a Better Way” rally must comply with the Terms of Involvement, which include: I will not engage in hate speech, name-calling, or angry rhetoric; I will seek to befriend those who oppose me; I will seek to overcome bad attitudes with good attitudes; I will seek to be a living example of Jesus; I will not violate the law.

“We have great love for the gay and lesbian community” Brown states, “and have always treated them with dignity and respect; at the same time, we take strong exception to the gay activist agenda and will be sending a message to the city and the nation that God Has a Better Way.”

B-freaking-S. They love the gay community so much they want us to abandon our actual lives in pursuit of their rancid conception of Jesus, thus eliminating the gay community. Key word there is “eliminating,” because Lou Engle and Michael Brown are: Eliminationists! Color it with whatever crap language you want, Mike, it’s still the same.  Wayne actually wrote about that rally when it happened, so read that here.

Here’s Champ in action:

Grade-A porn stache, dude.