Mike Airhart posted a blog entry on TWO’s Facebook page earlier, and as I am wont to do, I clicked on it, and found a blog writer I had never heard of, saying really sane things about our very recent fight to have the Exodus app removed from Apple’s store. I recommend that you read all of it, but here was the piece that hit me (the bolded part):

Taking their stance of being able to provide a “gay cure” and laying it in front of you – it doesn’t take much of a leap to see that it rings bells with other bigotry in the history of our not so peaceful planet. How fast would Apple have pulled the app if it stated to be a Jew cure? A black cure? A Muslim cure? Of course, the creators of this software probably would like to release all of those apps as well, as is their mentality. Small minded, petty fools who believe that there is nothing in this world worth living for apart from their misguided indoctrination into hate of everything and anything that doesn’t exist in (their understanding of) a book that calms their nerves when they think of their own mortality. A book that was rewritten many times through the ages and, no doubt, has the creative input of a few closet homosexuals added into the mix of gospels they so revere today.

I’m not going to ramble on about this, as hopefully most of the people who have made it this far have the intelligence to be equally as appalled as I am and are adding their names to the petition to kick Apple up the arse.

I’m not gay, black, Muslim, Jewish or even pro-Christian but, as no god is my witness, wouldn’t Earth be a far bleaker place without the more fulfilled people who live on this rock that are genuinely happy to say “I may not be, but I’m blessed to stand alongside those that are.”

If you need to invest in an iPhone app that goes one step to curing crimes against nature – I would suggest you start with Angry Bigots. There’s nothing more satisfying than catapulting them full force into pigs in glass houses.


Go give the writer some love, because he gets it.  Whoever is reading this, you may not be.  You may not be Christian.  You may not be atheist.  You may not be gay.  You may not be transgender.  You may not be Muslim.  You may not be Republican.  You may not be liberal.  You may not be Jewish.  You may not be a democratic socialist.  You may not be a die-hard capitalist.  You may not be bisexual.  You may not be…

You get the damn idea.

There are a lot of unrepentant assholes, of all stripes,  who disrespect the dignity of all human beings.  But there are also people of all stripes who do love people, regardless of what category they fit into. [Hint:  If it’s the Christian fundamentalist form of “love,” it’s false, fake love.  We’re talking about the real thing here.] So go give some love to the people in your lives, no matter what labels apply to them, who actually get it, and tell them that you respect their dignity as they respect yours.  (And that is the key, dear, sweet wingnuts who might read this and get their own ideas:  this is about TRUE mutual respect, and none of you Christian extremist wingnuts have it.)