If you are a business owner, beware. Social conservatives want to tell you what products you can sell and what ideas you must disseminate, whether you like it or not.

These totalitarians think that their beliefs are superior and if you don’t support them, you are violating their First Amendment rights. However, after a close reading of the U.S. Constitution, I found nothing that said, “thou shall be forced to sell obnoxious and offensive products by religious cults that prey on youth.”

Nonetheless,  social conservatives are up in arms because Apple exercised its right to choose what products are in its online store when it dumped a scientifically bankrupt and defamatory “ex-gay” app by the group Exodus International. Not surprisingly, these anti-business and anti-free speech thugs are whining and playing the victim card. Ironically, they are using the language of business with catchphrases like “the marketplace of ideas” — even as they work to dictate what the market can sell to consumers.

“It’s about freedom of speech, the ability to participate in the marketplace of ideas,” Prison Fellowship’s Chuck Colson disingenuously wrote today. “The gay-rights groups have shown their fangs. Victory in the courts or in the legislatures is not enough for them. They want to silence, yes, destroy those who don’t agree with their agenda. So they target Christian groups and corporate America to do just that.” (We must be winning. Colson said “gay” and not “homosexual”)

The Exodus App histrionics continued with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council huffing and puffing in a fund-raising letter:

“Our form of democracy will not long survive if the freedom of speech and religion are lost.”

And, I’m sure the absence of racist and anti-Semitic apps at Apple’s online store have decimated democracy, religion, freedom of speech as well.

I suppose Perkins might have a point, because he worships at the altar of hate. This is the guy, after all, who runs a Southern Poverty Law Center certified hate group and once tried to further his political career by purchasing former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s mailing list.

The most ridiculous statement, as usual, came from Exodus President Alan Chambers, who’s about as bright as the bottom of the sea.

“We are extremely disappointed to learn of Apple’s decision to deny equal representation in the public square,” said Exodus President Alan Chambers in a statement. “Discrimination of thought and belief obstructs essential dialogue and authentic diversity.”

Chambers appears to be an ignoramus. As the leader of an organization, he surely must have some clue that Apple is a private company and in no way part of the “public square”. And, what does his organization have to do with diversity? Are there any openly gay people working at his outfit?

Aside from the attack on business and confusion of what constitutes the public sphere, Exodus is making the outrageous and patently dishonest claim that it does not promise to cure anyone. What a bunch of lying, oleaginous snakes. Here is what Peterson Toscano, founder of the “ex-gay” survivor group BeyondExGay wrote today:

“Only after 15 years of attending a variety of Exodus-member programs, I finally heard one of their leaders admit that actual change in orientation was not a realistic goal. During my first week at the Love in Action ex-gay residential program in Memphis, TN (what would become a two year stint) the director informed us that we would never be heterosexual. Wait! What about the big fat slogan on their website and brochures–Freedom from Homosexuality through Jesus Christ? Turns out it’s just PR. They have a public message and then a private reality.”

Toscano also pointed out why the Exodus App was pulled — it harms people:

“Being an ex-gay survivor myself and personally speaking with over 1,500 fellow survivors, I can say that Buchanan is correct on one point—Exodus has no cure to offer. Instead they issue a curse for those who submit or are forced to submit to their teachings. They offer harm—psychological, emotional, and spiritual damage. They tamper with their clients’ relationships, careers, personal development, and finances. They make a mess of our lives in Jesus’ name.”

Anyway, back to where we started. If Exodus, Tony Perkins and Chuck Colson truly believe in forcing private entities to carry views they find offensive, they should put their money where their mouths are — by publishing my weekly column.

What — they don’t want to be forced to disseminate my views? What about the new found commitment to “diversity” these phonies have hid behind this week?

Welcome to America fundies — if you don’t like Apple’s policies get rid of your electronic typewriters and go back to cave drawing.