iPhone2-211x300Exodus International has thrown out a press release, and it’s both annoying and entertaining.  Bemoaning the way that Apple has “suppressed diversity” by refusing to give equal time both to gays and the people that hate and demonize gays for a living, they unfortunately seem to have no concept of why this has happened, so let us help and translate:

Last night, Apple removed an application submitted by Exodus International, a global Christian ministry helping those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction to live a life congruent with biblical teaching. Apple told the ministry’s web developer that they deemed the app “offensive to large groups of people” and removed it. Exodus is encouraging people to contact Apple and ask them to recognize the diversity of beliefs within its customer base.

“Last night, Apple removed an application submitted by Exodus International, a global hate group that exists to hurt the lives of gays and lesbians and their families by telling them that they are inherently sinful and not good enough for God, and promises that if they only deny their true selves, which is known to cause grave psychological harm, they can be ‘set free.’ Exodus is encouraging people to contact Apple and ask that they please give equal space to all hate groups which make money off of demeaning minority populations.”

Fixed it. Going on:

Apple originally approved the app which provided mobile access to the information available on the ministry’s web site and gave it 4+ rating, but pulled it after gay activist groups launched a petition to remove it. It now appears that the multinational corporation has caved, yet again, to their pressure. In November, Apple removed the application submitted by The Manhattan Declaration, a group of Christian leaders who support biblical teaching on marriage, as a result of pressure from the same gay activist groups.

Yes, Apple appears to have listened to the concerns of the population being demonized and hated and taken a second look at the app, thus deeming it outside their guidelines.

“We are extremely disappointed to learn of Apple’s decision to deny equal representation in the public square,” said Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International.

Oh, Alan, sweetheart, learn the definition of the phrase “public square” and get back to us! Apple is a private corporation with a very specific set of guidelines for what apps are available in their store. Your press release is speaking loud and clear of your perception of your speech being suppressed, ye professional victims, on the public square of the internet, and is now being repeated here.

“Discrimination of thought and belief obstructs essential dialogue and authentic diversity,” said Chambers noting that Apple provides hundreds of apps specific to the GLBT community and has made the Gay Christian Network’s podcasts available on its iTunes store.

No one is discriminating against your thoughts or beliefs, Exodus. Your app was removed because [sigh, again] Apple has a policy against apps that defame entire groups of people. Your entire worldview is defamatory about gay people, and moreover, you knowingly lie to people and misrepresent the research of real, grown-up scientists. And yes, there are all kinds of gay and lesbian apps, and Christian apps, and Gay Christian apps, and Angry Birds, apps, and everything else, but the thing that sets YOURS apart is that it spreads a hateful message about the LGBT community. Your organization is inherently hateful to the LGBT community, not least because you lie to and about us without ceasing!

“Ultimately, this issue comes down to what we, as a culture, believe about equality and the freedom to express our beliefs,” said Chambers.

No, it doesn’t, Alan. It comes down to the policies of Apple, a private corporation. As I said earlier on Wonkette, it’s amazing how conservatives will fight to the death for the rights of private companies to do whatever the hell they want, up until the point where a company does something that hurts extreme wingnuts’ feelings.