Hi, everybody! So, if you are new here, you may not know that your Director of Social Media also writes at Wonkette sometimes! Well, he does. If you are not familiar with Wonkette, you should be, but you should also know that Wonkette is a humor site, you guys, as in not serious. So anyway, it seems I decided to write about the iPhone app at Wonkette!  Here’s the first graf, and then go over there to enjoy the rest:

Well, well, well, you say, look who’s rolling up into the Wonkette like he never left!  That is right, it is your Reporter of the Homosexual Menace,who has been frankly quite busy lately with his full-time gig at another pro-America website. But he is here to gloat about his organization condemn the activities of Radical Homofascists, who have truly crossed the line this time, by taking away the only iPhone app (besides Grindr) which was ever any fun for the untold thousands of (apparently invisible) “ex-gays” among us.