I suppose that NARTH was jealous that Exodus was the only “ex-gay” business being humiliated this week, and decided to thus reassert their relevance in a world that cares less and less each day.  NARTH persistently misrepresents the research of noted geneticist Francis Collins [who happens to be an Evangelical], and Collins has the audacity to respond to it forcefully, so therefore NARTH will stomp their feet like this:

The National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) is once again attacking the veracity of noted geneticist Dr. Francis S. Collins. For a review of the history of this issue, please see the summary and links in our previous post. The original NARTH article that started this is “Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired,” Concludes Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project” from 2007.

This latest effort comes in the form of an article identified as submitted to the NARTH website by David C. Pruden, NARTH’s Vice-President of Operations. We will assume from here on out that Pruden is the author unless or until we receive information to the contrary. In it, this writer is painted as having wooed Dr. Collins into making statements favorable to a pro-gay position by “misinforming” him about NARTH. Supposedly, by not telling him what a good and wholesome organization it is (cough), we hoodwinked Dr. Collins into perverting the science in our favor.

That is how sneaky gay bloggers are! All we have to do is snap our fingers and the leading scientists of the nation do what we say! Come on, now.

David Pruden provides no evidence, or clear argument to support that I “misinformed” Dr. Collins. Dr. Collins is a smart man and can clearly draw his own conclusions. The latest article is defensive and divisive, providing nothing new. Furthermore, Pruden’s claims are not relevant because XGW is not responsible for “representing” NARTH in a way that fits their own PR. I simply asked Dr. Collins questions and he answered after reading the original NARTH article himself.


Dr. Collins stated that the words used in that NARTH piece were “juxtaposed in a way that suggest[ed] a somewhat different conclusion than [he] intended.” If Pruden had a beef with that, then why point fingers at me, rather than just go to the source?

And on and on it goes.  Read the whole thing, because it’s a demonstration of just how little of a commitment to or relationship with the truth NARTH [and all related ex-gay religious extremist organizations] have.  They simply lie, and they hope that people are dumb enough not to notice.