john-joe-thomasYeah, so this happened in Pennsylvania:

A 28-year-old Upper Darby man has been charged with murder after telling police that he stoned a 70-year-old man to death when the man made homosexual advances toward him, authorities say.

John Joe Thomas, 28, of Sunshine Road in Upper Darby, spent almost every day with 70-year-old Murray Seidman at Seidman’s Lansdowne home, police say. Days before Seidman’s body was found on Jan. 12, Thomas allegedly beat Seidman to death with a sock full of rocks.

Thomas told authorities that he read in the Old Testament that homosexuals should be stoned to death. When Seidman allegedly made homosexual advances toward him over a period of time, Thomas said he received a message in his prayers that he must end Seidman’s life, according to court documents.

Lovely. It’s always funny when we argue with Religious Right figures who claim to take the Bible literally, and consider it inerrant, because they will bark some Leviticus at you, but they know they can’t get away with what their Bible really says, in 21st century civilized society.  So, obviously what happened in Pennsylvania is completely sick and disgusting, but I just want everybody to remember that the deranged killer wasn’t actually mistaken about what the Bible said.

[h/t Joe]