I am by far not the only liberal blogger who takes a little time each week to put together a music post.  Tbogg does it.  Crooks and Liars has a music post every night.  So does FireDogLake.  Amanda Marcotte does a Genius Ten every week at Pandagon.  Other liberal bloggers do food posts, movie posts, and all kinds of other stuff.  I think the reason liberal blogs do these kinds of things is that we tend to be fairly well-rounded people with lots of other interests, and our entire internet lives are not consumed by our politics.

Anyway, the reason I point this out is that I’m scrolling through my Google Reader just now, and I see that Maggie Gallagher has suddenly, apropos of nothing, decided to post music on The Corner, and it’s got to be the lamest thing I’ve ever seen/heard in my life.  It’s some cheesy over-sentimental song by some country singer named Craig Campbell, called “Family Man,” and what strikes me about it is that this is Maggie Gallagher, she of the wedding ring-free fingers and hidden, unequally yoked husband, posting this song that is obviously supposed to play sweet country dogwhistles into the heartstrings of wingnuts.  Moreover, if cheesy over-produced country is your thing [and that is fine if it is.  I have more Trisha Yearwood in my iTunes than I would like to admit.], this could just as easily be a song sung by a gay man to his male spouse.  So, you know, messaging fail, Mags.

For the record, this is the song I’ve been listening to all day, and it is much cooler than Maggie’s lame-o song. I cannot say enough good things about Beach House.