When cities like Ogden, Utah are able to do things like this, it’s just another indicator of how much we’ve already won the “culture wars.” The rest is just watching it play out at its own pace. Before it passed unanimously, the fate of the ordinance was uncertain, but then things changed:

After a frantic week of work by activists, all 3 holdouts on the city council changed their vote and voted 7-0 to overturn the veto by Mayor Matthew Godfrey and pass the non-discrimination ordinances which prohibit discrimination in employment and housing based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The change came after equality-advocates agreed to add language to the laws which made it clear that the ordinances in no way would violate the 1st amendment, religious freedom or free speech.

Nice. Also, when cities like Ogden Freaking Utah are able to pass things like this, it’s enough to make one wonder what exactly led to some city councils being such abject failures when it comes to, you know, governing.

[h/t Joe]