easterAlan Chambers admits that he still gets lusty when he sees a swarthy gentleman, or whatever his type is.  Now a formerly Christian “ex-gay” writer named K. Godfrey Easter has revealed his secret to de-gaying himself:  POT!

Sensible Washington’s Initiative-1135 seeks to make pot as legal to purchase over the counter in the Pacific Northwest after this November as a fifth of Jack Daniels. But for one local writer the decriminalization of marijuana is more about getting an understanding than legally getting high.

In part two of his impassioned new series on God, homosexuality and organized Christianity, Author, K. Godfrey Easter asserts, “God used weed to help me spiritually understand homosexuality when abusive Christian pulpits, all my life, couldn’t.”


Easter unflinchingly introduces marijuana into his message at the end of Opposites Part I, as he offered a prelude to Part II, on schedule for released this October. The ex-gay and now ex-Christian author writes, “High as a kite, Grace invited me on a celestially fascinating journey, as Christ patiently unveiled creation, humanity, and His kingdom through opposites like I’ve never seen, read or heard. As Wisdom scouted out a clear path, I found myself soberly striding down the narrow way of understanding six years ago. Only then did remaining gay ever become a choice for me. Not once was I bashed with scriptures, wielded by bullies who, with intimidating bigotry, widely scatter the sheep they’ve been called by God to shepherd. As sure as God called Moses from a burning bush, Love forever transformed my thought life, starting first with anointed Kush.”

If I see Alan Chambers at a Widespread Panic show, I’ll know he’s willing to believe anything.

Anyway, Wayne, now that you’ve finished up your “You Can’t Pray Away The Gay” tour, it’s time to get crackin’ on the “You Can’t Smoke Away The Blokes” lecture series.