Tintin at Sadly, No! found something.  It’s a new (?) wingnut named Bill Flax, who is making the same old boring argument again, in an old boring way, but it’s particularly illustrative of just how little regard anti-gay men have for the women in their lives, or in anyone’s lives.  It is called “Bill Flax,” and it says this:

Gay marriage appears inevitable. It is the next step in the dance of dissonance across America.

The first step was performed by Phillip Glass.

A flip through the clouds as modernity divorces itself from traditional culture. Is nothing still sacred?

They asked the same thing when blacks got to own property, you know.

Homosexuality has been politicized to an extent never seen before in America. What was once barely visible has become front page news and the object of incessant glorification.

Oh, it was visible, at rest stops, as Godly Christian Men stopped to go to the bathroom, even when they weren’t on business trips.

The entertainment industry inundates us with charming portraits of benign homosexuality.

I find them to be more benign portraits of charming homosexuality, but to each his own.

From the closet, homosexuality emerged into the open; from the open, it ascended to acceptability; from acceptability to equality, and from equality exalted onto a pedestal.

Wait, when the hell did we reach equality? I mean, obviously pedestal comes next, after equality, and then after that we replace wheelchair symbols on front parking spaces with pink triangles, but damn, did I miss something?

The gay lobby and their cheerleader on Pennsylvania Ave. scored a victory on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Yeah, I didn’t think we had equality yet. We still only have one cheerleader, and she’s been taking a break for half the past two years.

Amidst all the fuss over gay marriage, everyone misses the obvious.

Gays have every bit as much right to get married as you or I. And in fact, they should.

Yay, here comes the misogynistic bastard part!

A homosexual man has an identical right to take a woman in holy matrimony as may any other man. Likewise, the rest of us have just as little right to take some guy and pronounce him a bride. This isn’t a question of differing rights. Our rights remain in perfect symmetry. Homosexuals are now and always have been permitted to marry.

AND SCREW THE WIFE’S NEEDS. It’s not like a woman deserves to be married to a man who actually wants her sexually. I mean, she’s just a “helpmeet” and all. It’s nice when wingnuts are honest about how little they value women as humans.

However, because marriage doesn’t appeal, gays demand the law be changed to accommodate their particular longings. The gay lobby craves that the very definition of marriage should be radically changed. Homosexuals seek to alter a millennia old institution into something it has never been. All done to assuage the internal bitterness of those whose proclivities steer outside the ordinary.

Wow, one millenia (which has included lots of polygamy and chattel marriage, etc.) against several hundred thousand of years of human history. It’s cute that he thinks we’re bitter though. It must help him with his self esteem problems.

Will the Left take a final bow at legalized gay marriage? The band will keep playing. Another dance will surely follow on its heels. As society pirouettes around traditional morality, we welcome any manner of behavior. What else awaits its turn around the floor?

I dunno, dude, but your gay ballroom dance references are starting to give me the heebie jeebies. For the last time, dude, none of us like you that way.

It doesn’t matter how many moral lines are breached, the homosexual activists will keep agitating because it’s not persecution they resist, but internal loathing projected outward.

Yeah, there’s projection involved, but I don’t think it’s the kind he psychologically needs to believe.

The difference is not in our rights, but in our character. The homosexual man remains indistinguishable other than his behavior. All of us are born depraved. We are a fallen species prone to various temptations and homosexuality is one of the most difficult. This is not to make light or heap additional burden on those poor souls who suffer the anguish and uncertainty of attraction to members of the same sex.

Happily for most, our carnal natures point in the direction of members of the opposite sex. Lust, like greed, envy, pride, gluttony, sloth or anger, befalls everyone in some combination and some flavor. However, simply because we suffer these burdens doesn’t legitimize the failings that occur when temptations manifest as actions. We don’t commend lust to anyone of any sexuality.

“Happily, most of us sin like REAL MEN and not like sissy fag boys.” Anyway, blah blah blah, moronic pablum he can’t prove about “original sin” and depravity and other simple-minded tripe, can we please get back to the misogynistic bastard stuff?

Rather than seek to undermine such a foundational institution necessary for healthy society, homosexuals ought to get married. Marriage would temper their urges and channel their desires into something beneficial for both them and society at large.

Marriage is not only already a legal endeavor for gays, it’s productive. It is high time homosexuals get married and that must be matrimony’s last dance.

And a big Up Yours to all the women whose lives are wasted trying to please men who will NEVER WANT THEM, under any circumstances! They’re only women, after all, isn’t that right, Bill Flax?

Thanks for dancing, ya fairy.