Here you go!

All sane people, let your heads hit the desk right now.

The fundamentalist Christian fear of contamination is so weird. Seriously, they have every single phobia in the book, all tied up with a bow and rebranded as “religion.”

My favorite quote? “ADULTERY! Could like like PURITY! To a Homosexual.” Also, if you were ever naked in front of your opposite sex parent, you are impure, because Fundamentalists live in a world where EVERYTHING is sexual, and the human body is considered naturally dirty and nasty and gross. This is how Peter LaBarberas are made, people. By listening to this drivel.

So much fail in one ten-minute clip, and I don’t want to ruin it for you. Enjoy the hysterical screaming hick, y’all.

[h/t Stuff Fundies Like]