Forthwith, the remaining open tabs in my browser:

1.  Brian at Right Wing Watch points us to the new, garbled, illogical pamphlet from hate group leader Peter Sprigg on the Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex Marriage.  You haven’t become accustomed to thoughtful consideration or intelligence from the Family Research Council and that certainly won’t change today, because they’re still morons.

2.  How do anti-gay forces like the NOM leaders sleep at night?  Towleroad has a heartbreaking story and testimony from a lesbian couple in Rhode Island, one of whom is terminally ill, and who, because of that, have become accidental activists in the fight for marriage equality in that state.

3.  Since anti-gay wingnuts are also anti-choice/anti-woman wingnuts, PZ Myers has one for you.  In Nebraska, a woman was forced to give birth to a baby that they knew would not develop lungs, because her water broke very early in the pregnancy.  These are the kinds of situations that George Tiller specialized in.  The worst, most painful kind.  Because of the misogynistic bastards who pushed through a draconian anti-abortion law in Nebraska, that woman had to carry the pregnancy to term, watch her baby attempt to take one breath, and then die.  Thanks, fundamentalist Christians!  You really help out with things.

4.  Want to go to Mormon Heaven?  Ted Cox will show you how.  Hint:  there are secret handshakes involved!

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