Oh, he doesn’t say it in those words, but that’s the basic gist.  If schools teach that bullying people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is bad, it will conflict with the religious bullying that comes from the pulpit, from kids’ wingnut families and from their little miniature minions, who otherwise might not be able to tell gay kids that they’re going to hell. From his press release:

“Schools administrators and teachers must ensure a safe and protective learning environment for all students, but they can do so without injecting divisive ‘sexual orientation’ and radical ‘transgender’ politics into the classroom,” LaBarbera said. “There is a real danger that ‘anti-bullying’ policies will be used to curtail any speech in schools critical of homosexuality, and create curricula that discriminate against religious students who believe homosexual behavior is morally wrong.”


LaBarbera also opposes a federal bill, the Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA) — supported by Senate Democrats and lone Republican Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) — as “a Trojan Horse that would push politically correct agendas about homosexuality and ‘transgenderism’ in schools in the name of stopping bullying.”

LaBarbera said a key anti-bullying watchdog — BullyPolice.org — specifically recommends AGAINST “defining victims” in bullying legislation: “Defining victims will slow the process of lawmaking, dividing political parties who will argue over which victims get special rights over other victims,” states a BullyPolice document suggesting a model anti-bullying law.

Hold up. Peter is playing with words here, because he knows his readers are stupid. The document in question does indeed recommend against defining victims, but their point is very different from Peter’s.  BullyPolice is saying that all cases of bullying, for whatever reason, need to be treated equally.  Peter is trying to protect the rights of religious bigots to spiritually bully LGBT kids on campus.  It should be noted [because liars won’t] that BullyPolice, on their front page, specifically congratulates New Jersey for their new, update anti-bullying law, which they give a grade of A++.   Indeed, the new law had the fervent support of all the major LGBT equality organizations in the state, and was passed in the wake of Tyler Clementi’s suicide.

As an addendum to the press release, Peter says this:

AFTAH is joining Mission America April 1-2 in Columbus, OH to co-sponsor an educational “Truth Academy” on how to respond to the aggressive homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda; the theme is: “The Hate Labeling of Christians: Why it’s Happening and What We Can Do.”

Let’s save Peter a trip to Ohio. Why is the hate labeling of no, not “Christians,” but fundamentalist extremists like Peter, happening? Because they’re rank bigots. What can they do? Stop being bigots.

There. Saved you some money. Take your family to the Creation Museum instead, where they can learn about how Adam and Eve had pet dinosaurs and the debbil plants fossils in the backyard to deceive people.