Didn’t I just write this same piece about a lesser wingnut? So, Jim Daly of Focus on the Family doesn’t like that Lady Gaga song the kids are listening to, especially when they are listening to it on his lawn, which they need to get off of:

I am not inclined toward celebrity psycho-analysis, and, candidly, find it strange to even write the word “Gaga.” But when millions of young people download her music and watch her videos, parents are wise to take note of what the hype and hoopla is all about.

In Born This Way, the claim is made that you’re born heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgendered. Don’t fight it – simply accept and embrace it.

The problem is, researchers are not sure about what causes homosexuality. Many are concluding it is a complex combination of things, but it is not as clear cut as simply genetic material.

Yes, science is complex, science is confusing, yet no scientist has made any inroads in the “you should deny your sexual orientation” crusade advocated by bigots like Jim.

The pulse and pace of modern culture can usually be determined from its music and movies, not faith and reason. That a song advocating for a genetic determinative for homosexuality sits atop the charts is disconcerting, but not entirely shocking. From the outside looking in, two things strike me.

Can’t wait to hear what they are.

First, by Stefani Germanotta’s own admission, she’s built her entire persona and celebrity on a platform that’s anything but typical. She is playing a part, a role, and not living as she would outside the bright lights. Put another way, Lady Gaga was clearly not born this way.

Right, but she’s not claiming she was born wearing egg costumes, or meat dresses, or whatever it is that she does.

Second, and more importantly, the message found within the lyrics of Born This Way is in stark contrast to the message of the Gospel. All of us are born into sin, the Bible tells us, with desires and resulting actions that separate us from God and put us at odds with His blueprint for our lives. But the Good News is we’re not hopelessly trapped in our sin and failure. Despite the fact that we were “born this way,” each of us can be set free – from homosexuality, or heterosexual sex outside of marriage, or pornography, or greed, or gossip, or any other human shortcoming – to be the men and women God intended us to be.

Yes, but the Good News about homosexuality is a lie, so it fails. Lady Gaga: 1; Focus bigot: 0.

The new “kinder, gentler” Focus on the Family is just as lame as the pitchfork-fest led by Dobson. We can at least give Daly credit for one thing, though: he doesn’t abuse wiener dogs.

[h/t Brian @ Right Wing Watch]