From Exodus’ blog:

Exodus International has released its new smartphone application now available through iTunes!  Receiving a 4+ rating from Apple (applications in this category contain no objectionable material), this application is designed to be a useful resource for men, women, parents, students, and ministry leaders.  With this app, you will find access to:

Latest News
Real Stories
Real Answers
Student Blog
Fact Sheet
Find Help
Featured Resource
Responding to Bullying

It is our desire to create resources that are easily accessible and helpful for today’s culture.  We hope to reach a broader demographic and readily provide information that is crucial for many seeking hope and encouragement.  This application is free and can be downloaded through iTunes or any iPhone.

Truth Wins Out is looking into this situation and plans to address Exodus’ hateful record with Apple. Exodus’ record of hate, sexual abuse, and failure is so easily provable and robust, that we think we can present a strong case against this monstrosity.