santorumRick Santorum is trying to be nuanced with his bigotry, you guys!

Eric Kleefeld of TPM reports:

Could former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), the culture warrior ex-legislator and now potential presidential candidate, be shifting his position to the left on a key issue he used to speak up about: Whether gay sex should be illegal?


He goes on to point out Santorum‘s piece in the Des Moines Register this week, where he said this:

Let me first define what we are not talking about. I believe if two adults of the same sex want to have a relationship that is their business. But when they ask society to give that relationship special recognition and privileges, then we should be able to have a rational debate about whether that is good public policy.

We should debate it, he says! But note that the wingnut dogwhistle is still there, in the phrase “special recognition and privileges.” Until gays get our own parking spaces in all public accomodations [in the front], we ain’t talking about “special” anything.

Anyway, Rick Santorum is just pathetically trying to sort of moderate his tone, because he knows that if he wants to salvage any chance of being president*, he has to.

[h/t Tengrain]

*ha ha ha