Scott Lively has gone to Moldova to rescue them from an “outbreak” of gayness, according to a letter he posted the other day:


In early January I received a request to come to the country of Moldova, between Romania and Ukraine, to help the small but growing pro-family movement here. It was decided that the best time was the end of February through the beginning of March, but this was a completely arbitrary choice for us.

However, in God’s divine schedule I arrived just after the first move of a secret plan by the homosexual powers of the EU to push an anti-discrimination law based on sexual orientation through the Moldovan government.

Scott Lively is like Jennifer Garner’s character on Alias, apparently.

I wish I had known at the beginning of my ministry in the early 1990s what I know now. We might have stopped the homosexual agenda in America. What I know now, and have taught the Moldovans, is that the anti-discrimination law is the seed that contains the entire tree of the homosexual agenda, with all of its poisonous fruit. It is the cornerstone of their legal and political strategy, putting the power of the governernment behind the legal premise that the practice of homosexuality deserves public approval and that opposition to homosexuality, including that which is rooted in the Biblical world view, must be discouraged. From that premise the conclusion is logically inevitable.

Yes, that all people deserve to be treated equally, and that fundamentalist Christian batsh*t really doesn’t have anything to add to the discussion. I know, we are so secretive with our agenda.

The Moldovan version of the bill however went much farther than usual and included a far reaching provision to give homosexual activists power in the national school system, teacher training and the preparation of instructional materials. They normally don’t include such power-grabbing measures at the beginning, which indicates to me that they had extreme confidence that this law would pass with very little scrutiny or opposition.

Indeed, it was secretly approved by the government ministers (the Executive branch of the govt) two days before I arrived, and fast-tracked so that it reached the Parliament just one day after I arrived. Almost no one in the country knew that it had been introduced because the media had not reported it.

They knew Captain Space Bigot was coming, so they got together with the Illuminati and thwarted his plan!

We have since learned that the timing was dictated by the scheduled arrival of Vice President Biden in March. The new homosexual law was, apparently, to be a gift to the Obama administration.

Welcome to Moldova, Joe! Here’s a buncha gay stuff for you!

From the time I stepped off the plane my hosts and I began focusing all of our attention on defeating this bill, and I was able to help them lay out a strategy to maximize my presence in the country. I won’t go into specific detail, but I can tell you that we had tremendous success. As of today, none of the 11 committees of the parliament (each of which must endorse the bill for it to come to a full vote) is willing to endorse at this time, and the vote has now been postponed indefinitely. It hasn’t been killed, but it has been stopped, and the pro-family movement is organizing a monitoring group to give advance warning to the people if there is any forward movement of the bill.

So he lied to them, because that’s what malicious liars do. Yet another case of fundamentalists only being able to prey successfully on people with less access to education.

More importantly the pro-family movement was dramatically strengthened during this week, and hundreds of people have come forward wanting to be trained as advocates for the pro-family position. Even better, the leadership itself has come to understand the importance of switching to the offensive and conducting a pro-active campaign to focus the nation on the vision for the future of a family-centered society.

That’s all for now,


Dr. Scott Lively


[h/t Jim]