As Joe points out, isn’t it amazing how every single “ex-gay” seems to have some kind of terrible sob story about how they used to be drug addicts, criminals, alcoholics, homeless, or god knows what else?  Or as Joe puts it:

Could it be that happy, well-adjusted, healthy people in control of their lives don’t need to run to Jeebus and blame their gayness as the source of their fucked-up existence?

It’s all scapegoating. This is the very same reason conservative Evangelicals have set up so many outposts in the Third World. It’s a lot easier to convince hungry people to worship your deity if you’re withholding a twinkie behind your back.  Likewise, you can’t sell the “ex-gay” lie to smart, happy, successful gays and lesbians, because we’re not vulnerable to being convinced that every problem in our lives is due to the fact that we are homosexuals.

Here’s the YouTube description for this video, which is described as God’s Relentless Pursuit of a Drug Addicted Demonic Drag Queen. Oy vey:

After an abusive and tortured childhood, and years of drug addiction and sexual confusion, Trace found fame in the gay community as the demonic drag queen named “COMA”. After years of ignoring God, Trace found himself living on the streets and dying from AIDS. Hear the inspiring story of God’s relentless pursuit of a drug addicted drag queen.