It’s music time! The ones we’re starting with are just a few songs I’ve been listening to a lot this week. They’re all hitting one spot or another for me. First off, Jay Reatard, who sadly left us way too early last year, with his amazing song “There Is No Sun.” Then, well, I’m having a Tool kind of week, for whatever that’s worth. So the second song is “The Grudge.” Then finally Robert Pollard [frontman for Guided by Voices], with a great little song called “Subspace Biographies.” The lyrics in the second half just make me grin, for my own reasons:

I am quail and quasar – I picked you up on radar – I do my job each day – Empties crushed and filed away — And there is nothing worse than – An undetermined person – Can I abuse you please – In my subspace biographies?

So there we go.  We start with those, then we hit shuffle on the old iTunes, post the first ten songs that comes up, and then it’s the weekend.  GO!

1. The White Stripes – “Little Ghost”
2. Grizzly Bear – “Foreground”
3. Sarah Vaughan – “Star Dust”
4. Chess In Concert: Live from Royal Albert Hall – “One Night In Bangkok” [Adam Pascal and Company]
5. Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova – “Happy Accident”
6. Roxette – “I Love the Sound of Crashing Guitars”
7. Nina Simone – “Another Spring”
8. Chopin: Prelude, Op. 28, No. 1 in C-Sharp Minor [performed by Alicia de Larrocha]
9. Ben Taylor – “America”
10. Stone Temple Pilots – “Big Bang Baby”

And as a bonus, here’s Rubinstein playing the Chopin prelude. It’s short, sweet and beautiful. One of my favorite things to play.