There ain’t no insanity like religion-based insanity:

El Paso Pastor Tom Brown is never afraid to voice his opinion on gay issues. But one of his most controversial claims is that he can convert gay people back to being straight.

Some people say his teachings are harmful and dangerous. But News Channel 9’s Monique Griego spoke with one man who said he’s been cured by him.

“Some people.” God, when will the media grow up? ALL CREDIBLE EXPERTS say “ex-gay” teachings/methods are harmful and dangerous. It is not biased to say so.

“As far as homosexuality do you think your cured?” asked Monique Griego.

“Yeah I’m not going that route. No.”

But there was a time when “Joe”— as he would like to be called— did go that route. For several years in his 20’s, he was gay and openly slept with men.

“It was like drugs, sex, and rock and roll were all tied into this lifestyle,” said Joe.

Joe compares the urge he had to be with men to the need a drug addict has for a fix. Then, after nearly a decade of being gay, Joe quit the lifestyle— cold turkey.

“I was able to put my foot down and say forget it step away from it,” said Joe.

How’d he do it? Joe said he found God and Pastor Tom Brown.

Anyway, as usual, the pastor acknowledges that some of his devotees admit they still are sexually attracted to their own gender, but says he considers them “cured” if they no longer act on their feelings. That, ladies and gents, is called “moving the goalposts.”

There’s video at the above link if you want to see how fey Tom Brown is.  Luckily, the news station has the decency to consult an actual psychologist in order to rebut the witch doctor’s pastor’s claims.