It’s music time, and if you’ll pardon me, I’m about to go a little bit nuts with this weekend’s Random Ten.  Most of the time when I’m working, I am inside headphones, and I’m listening to any number of things.  This week, I’ve been working through some blog’s list of the top 200 tracks of the 2000’s, and, have, to this point, downloaded every track that I didn’t have already.  The following five songs came all in a row, and after I listened to them the first time, I made a small playlist, of just those five songs, and listened to them, in this order, over and over and over again, for hours.  Indeed, as you read this, I may be listening to them still.  Kick back.  Pour a glass of whatever you drink.  Listen.  You will see what I mean. By the way, if you like jazz-influenced things, this is your week. The songs are, in order:

1. Smokey & Miho – “Blue Glasses” [Miho used to be in Cibo Matto, by the way.]
2. Mirah – “Cold Cold Water”
3. Boom Bip ft. Nina Nastasia – “The Matter (Of Our Discussion)”
4. Tom Waits – “Alice” [I cannot believe this was not already in my iTunes, but anyway.]
5. Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man – “Romance” [Beth Gibbons, you hopefully know from Portishead.]

So yes, this means that once we’ve hit shuffle on the iTunes and posted the Random Ten, we will have a grand total of fifteen songs this week.  Enjoy, for this is truly amazing music.

Told you it was epic. Now to hit shuffle on the old iTunes!

1. Mayer Hawthorne – “Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin'”
2. The Prodigy – “Narayan”
3. Matt Pond PA – “Summer Is Coming”
4. James Taylor – “You’ve Got A Friend”
5. Counting Crows – “Mercury”
6. Indigo Girls – “Happy Joyous Hanukkah” [Woody Guthrie cover]
7. Wilco – “Handshake Drugs”
8. Best Coast – “When I’m With You”
9. Phoenix – “Girlfriend”
10. Beth Orton – “Ted’s Waltz”

Yes, that’s a Hanukkah song. We play the Random Ten as it lays, y’all. The rest of it is pretty great, as far as I can see. Videos after the jump.