This is what’s called pathological, irrational hatred, y’all:

Flour Bluff Independent School District will not allow a proposed club supporting gay and lesbian students, but the proposal prompted the district to rethink allowing the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to meet on campus.

Superintendent Julie Carbajal said she has asked the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to meet off campus while the district studies the legality of allowing the club while disallowing a club supporting homosexual students. She said there is no chance the district will approve the proposed Gay-Straight Alliance, but she will make sure all other school clubs are following the district’s policy.

“We need to be fair and equitable to all,” she said.

In disallowing the Gay-Straight Alliance, the district said it didn’t have to follow a federal law mandating schools offer equal opportunities for all students to organize. The district approved a policy in 2005 that did not allow student clubs not tied to curriculum to meet on campus.

Absolutely pathetic. Local activists would protest, but since the wingnut superintendent is apparently so irrationally fearful of The Gays that she’s willing to screw the Christian clubs in the process, they’re sort of at a loss:

Carbajal’s decision to disallow any non-curriculum clubs from meeting on campus may stop a local gay activist from protesting next week.

“They’d rather get rid of all organizations rather than to allow this one to start? Wow,” said Paul Rodriguez, president of the Gay-Straight Alliance at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. “If she’s not going to allow any other clubs on campus then we have no ground to stand on.”

Yeah, sometimes you sort of have to let bigots implode all by themselves. I feel sorry for the kids, though — all of them — for whom such a poor example is being set by the supposed “adults.”