Marine Corps Commandant James Amos was originally the most steadfast opponents of DADT repeal, but he seems to have taken a turn for the adult, as I suspected he would:

The Marine Corps commandant who once said openly gay service members would be a dangerous “distraction” and was among the most outspoken opponents of repealing the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy said today he does not expect to lose troops over the change.

“I haven’t had any indication yet at all, not at all,” Gen. James Amos told reporters when asked if he expected the mass exodus of troops that Sen. John McCain and other critics predicted if the ban was lifted.

Amos was visiting troops in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province when President Barack Obama signed the repeal in late December. He said he addressed some 12,000 Marines about the change and “everyone said, ‘Sir, we got it. We’re going to do this thing.'”


“It would be naive to think that somewhere down the road there’s not going to be issues,” Amos told reporters. “I think there probably will be in probably all the services, but I don’t think it’s going to be of any magnitude that’s going to cause much more than a blip. So I’m very optimistic.”

I’m sure Elaine Donnelly will kindly explain to Amos why she knows more about the Marines than he does, because she’s that much of a blowhard. Otherwise, things will be fine.

[h/t John Aravosis]