Music time, and it’s a cheesy one. The other night in trivia, the following question was asked: What band had a 1990’s hit with the song “How Do You Talk To An Angel”? The answer, which several of us knew immediately, was THE HEIGHTS. Oh yes, if you’re in a certain age group, you remember. And then for some reason, that reminded me of the [also cheesy] Friends soundtrack that came out around the same time, which included a stellar, and not at all cheesy, cover of “Angel of the Morning” by The Pretenders.  So that’s where we’re starting this week.  The Heights, The Pretenders, hit shuffle on the old iTunes, see where we are ten songs later, and then it’s the weekend.  Go!

1. Antony and the Johnsons – “Aeon”
2. Nina Simone – “Turn Me On”
3. Ben Folds – “Doc Pomus” [lyrics by author Nick Hornby]
4. Chris Beland – “Weather Man”
5. Cher – “The Star Spangled Banner” [oh, how phenomenally embarrassing]
6. Angus Andrew & Annie Clark – “New Sensation” [INXS cover]
7. Kaki King – “Falling Day”
8. Tori Amos – “Space Dog”
9. Etta James – “I Want To Be Loved (But Only By You)”
10. Tori Amos – “A Silent Night With You”

What a fun little mix this is. Don’t miss the INXS cover. Angus Andrew is part of Liars, and Annie Clark is better known as St. Vincent, and the song was recorded as part of Beck’s Record Club. If you’re not familiar, Beck just gets a bunch of people together and they mess around and record a full record…in this case, INXS’s epic Kick.

And here’s your Etta James. Again, I got rid of the user video that goes with the song.

And finally, this is supposed to be the INXS cover from Beck’s Record Club, but if it’s being a pain for you like it is for me, click here to listen.