So much for “conservatives don’t hate us, really!”:

GOProud, the advocacy organization for homosexuals that also portrays itself as “conservative,” reportedly will be left out of the annual summit for conservatives in the United States, the CPAC meetings, next year.

Its inclusion last year and this year by David Keene, the outgoing chief of the American Conservative Union, which sponsors the Conservative Political Action Conference, had prompted a long list of major players in the movement, including the Heritage Foundation, the Media Research Center, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, to boycott.

That left Al Cardenas, the new chairman, promising just days ago a “comprehensive vetting process on each CPAC participant.”

He said he wanted to make certain that longtime supporters of the conservative movement, such as those at the Heritage Foundation, are brought “back into the fold.”

Now a source has confirmed that a board vote has been taken that will realign plans for those who participate next year to exclude homosexual advocacy, although details had not been released.


According to a blogger at the FrumForum, Cardenas had warned it was “going to be difficult” to work with GOProud going forward.

He had cited the “behavior and attitude” of the homosexuality advocates, in light of the description by their leader, Chris Barron, of ACU Foundation chairman Cleta Mitchell as “a nasty bigot.”

Barron later apologized, saying he reached his breaking point because of “unfair and untrue attacks” on him, his friends, his organization and others.

“I shouldn’t have used the language that I did to describe Cleta Mitchell,” he said.

Oh hell, it’s probably one of the only completely accurate things Barron has said in the past year, at least about politics.

Now, granted, this is WingNutDaily, and as such should be treated as “unconfirmed reporting,” but there you have it.

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