Roy Edroso compiled his favorite twenty-five quotes from CPAC for Esquire, and my goodness, this is really all you need to know about what appeals to a large portion of the citizenry. For instance:

22. “I refer to the debt — the new red menace. This time consisting of ink.” – Mitch Daniels.
21. “[Obama’s reelection] would subject the country to what might be a fatal last dose of statism.” – Mitch Daniels.

And, on the subject of marriage equality and the like:

17. “Our liberties, which have made us great, are now destroying us.” – Rev. Michel Faulkner, at the CPAC “Traditional Marriage and Society” panel.

Weep for the stupid. One more, from the queen of the morons, then click over and read the rest:

3. “That is [liberalism’s] goal — to destroy the family… [liberals] just made up this gay marriage thing… gays are natural conservatives.” – Ann Coulter.

What’s frightening is that gay conservatives actually think she’s onto something. Stupid liberal gays, wanting to be treated with dignity and equality, rather than just being offered a seat at the table and a semi-promise that nobody will punch them.