Because I certainly am not. Head thee over to his place for some good stuff.

But here’s his summary of one “Carrie Lukacs” character, a wingnut anti-feminist author:

She’s in favor of people getting married, staying married, and having children.

And she’s gathered a panel of other scolds, one of whom — an excitable Harlem conservative, bless him (Update: He’s Michel Faulkner, author of Restoring the American Dream) –hollers THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT MARRIAGE! His great line (really, how can you top it?) is “Our liberties, which have made us great, are now destroying us.” See, “we are beginning to destroy ourselves” with non-traditional marriage. “We must stand for traditional marriage on the grounds that it is good for our society… one man and one woman… if we do not, we will indeed destroy ourselves.”

I wonder how the GOProud guys are liking this.

They’re fine, Roy. They don’t like being gay very much.


New black preacher up now, saying the GOP shouldn’t give up on black people because a lot of them hate gay people and abortion too, and thus can be tempted — don’t “try to sell the whole farm” of horrific Republican ideas to them, just dangle a fetus. Stands strongly against Heather Has Two Mommies and has said “Don’t throw us under the bus” five times, which helps get the crowd on his side.

Oh, Edroso, you won my heart months ago, but this just solidifies it.