It’s getting really tiresome, especially after the events of the past few months, watching Religious Right spokespeople tie themselves up in knots over how they “don’t support bullying,” but oppose anti-bullying programs and legislation because they’re just too nice to gay people. When will these people ever understand that telling gay kids that they’re going to hell, or that they’re intrinsically disordered and sinful, for religious reasons, IS bullying? They are so used to their own Kool-Aid, and their weird, unloving version of love that they simply refuse to understand the obvious connections here.

Here’s Rebecca Burgoyne of the California Family Council:

Rebecca Burgoyne, research analyst with California Family Council, tells OneNewsNow that children across The Golden State are being indoctrinated with a pro-homosexual message. She maintains that the Obama administration and homosexual lobbyists are advancing an agenda that silences religious speech and the rights of parents.

“For many years, maybe a decade or so, gay activists in California have been making a big to-do about ‘bullying’ because of sexual orientation — or even perceived sexual orientation,” she explains. And the term “bullying,” she argues, has become the elementary-level word for “hate speech.”

January 24-28 marked “No Name-Calling Week” in public schools across the nation — a week-long observance designed for fifth- through eighth-grade and sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). While the observance claimed to be a week of educational and creative activities “designed to address bullying and end name-calling of all kinds,” Burgoyne explains that the agenda behind it contains a decidedly pro-homosexual slant.

“Nobody wants a child to be bullied,” she acknowledges. “Nobody wants a child to [be] hurt. Most people say ‘Oh, great! We’re teaching our children not to bully each other’ — which is a good thing. But it’s being used instead to push the homosexual message.”


The CFC research analyst contends that through such events as “No Name-Calling Week,” homosexual activists are seeking to make same-sex attractions acceptable to young children — while at the same time silencing the voice of other viewpoints.

You see, they simply can’t stand bullying, unless you’re trying to interfere with their ability to bully gay kids.

[h/t Brian @ Right Wing Watch]