Wingnuts live in their own world, and they do better when they’re talking to each other, because there, in their echo chamber, no one is around to laugh at them.  Except, ahem, those of us who pay attention and expose them to a wider audience.

The other day, Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia, one of those redneck goobers like Louie Gohmert and Paul Broun, went on Bill Maher’s show and let those mean reality-based people, including a conservative National Review columnist, make him look like a fool on the subject of evolution. This is a fantastic clip, if only for the constant idiot smile Kingston wears, that whole “where am I and who are all these people?” look so often seen on the faces of garden variety wingnuts:

Kingston was obviously bruised by the normal people, so he ran into the arms of a fellow wingnut-in-arms, Bryan Fischer, whose intellectual prowess will never threaten a man like Jack, so that they could tell each other that liberals are mean and they’re right. It’s truly sad viewing:

Of course, Bryan Fischer’s organization is the American Family Association, one of the most vicious groups on the SPLC’s list of hate groups, and Kyle at Right Wing Watch points out that Kingston isn’t the only Republican politician whining to and cozying up with this hateful hick; recently both Tim Pawlenty and Roger Wicker have laid crying on the couch of Bryan.