Vapid, thy name is apparently Jenny:

Here’s what you should know about civil union legislation: It is being introduced in several states as part of a strategy to redefine marriage.

Although it is often denied, a news release by the Illinois ACLU about recently-passed civil union legislation admits this, and also equates “full equality” with same-sex marriage.

Although the passage of civil union legislation represents an important step forward on the road toward full equality for LGBT individuals in Illinois, the ACLU continues to work to achieve the freedom to marry for all couples.

“We look forward to the day when Illinois joins other states across the nation by making marriage available for all Illinois citizens,” said Colleen Connell, executive director of the ACLU of Illinois. “This new law suggests that the day of complete fairness for lesbian and gay couples is not far away in the Land of Lincoln.”

In addition to this verbal acknowledgement that civil unions are a step toward the goal of same-sex marriage, there is the real evidence. Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire started with civil unions but now have same-sex marriage after the LGBT lobby declared civil unions to be inadequate.

Civil unions will never be enough for the LGBT lobby…

Shorter Jenny Tyree: “Just like slaves were totally bitchy about the Three-Fifths Compromise, homosexuals are never going to be satisfied until they’re considered full, equal people under US law. Horrors!”