The jokes are writing themselves these days, y’all.  In response to my post about Maggie Gallagher’s prurient interest in the way even consenting straight people have sex [she describes anal sex as if she’s talking about rape, of course], Peter LaBarbera got on his Twitter machine and tut-tutted the following:


First of all, funny that he refers to it as “wrong,” even if straight, married Christian people are doing it.  [And many of them do!  There are straight Evangelical people right this very second doing it!  And they are having what’s known as The Fundamentalist Nightmare, AKA fun.]  Find me the Bible verse about that one, please. [I’m entertaining his notion that an old book written by nomads is an authority here, just for a second.]

Also funny that the link he provides is simply back to my original post. I suppose he already knows how much we’d be laughing if he linked to a Conservapaedia article on buttsex or something, and he knows he can’t use Paul Cameron, because LGBT readers are not dumb enough to fall for that discredited hack’s “work.”  I guess Scott Lively  might have written about it, but he’s too busy flailing his arms playing dumb about the connection between his malicious lies and the murder of a Ugandan gay activist this week.  Who else?  Phyllis Schlafly?  Tony Perkins?  One of the pretend doctors from the American College of Pediatricians?  Anyone on the planet who doesn’t, in any way, remind us of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady?

I thought not.