This has nothing to do with gay issues, except that it applies to all people equally, gay, straight, and everything else.  But since it’s Friday, I’m taking the liberty to share this video with you all, because ever since I was introduced to it by Jenny The Bloggess, I’ve watched it approximately fifteen times, and it’s in the process of changing my outlook on a lot of things.  The talk is by Brené Brown, a self-described “researcher-storyteller,” and in it she describes her years of research into the differences between people who are truly fulfilled, who feel worthy of love, who feel connected to people, etc., and those who don’t feel fulfilled or worthy. The answers she found might surprise you, and they’re sure to get you thinking. Please take twenty minutes out of your day, whenever you can, to watch this talk, and then share it with anyone else you think would benefit from seeing it.

Plus, Brené is really funny and engaging, so you won’t be bored.