I understand that GOProud, though they don’t actually do anything of substance, feels that they are working from inside the Republican party to “change things,” so that gays can feel free to be greedy, conspiracy-minded wingnuts. I get it. But adding a pretend journalist who is known for little more than lying his way through his career, or supporting the juvenile, quasi-criminal if the kid had been smart enough, undersexed, misogynistic antics of his little protégé James O’Keefe, and who is also on record as recently as yesterday saying that he doesn’t support equal rights of any kind for LGBT people?

I’d make a joke here about a Boitano-esque death spiral of self-loathing coming to its predictable denouement, but wingnuts would get distracted by all the French and forget what we were talking about in the first place.

Or I could make a Stockholm Syndrome reference, but somehow, somewhere, one of Sarah Palin’s  fanbois would end up misapplying the term “blood libel” to herself and it would hang over her head all the way through the Drag Race premiere, so I’ll just demur and move on.