David Pakman said this interview was a stunner, and he wasn’t kidding. Quick recap on disgraced liar and former Navy Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt: he is a wingnut martyr for the extremist Christian right who received a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for simple insubordination. He, however, lies and claims that he was forced out of the Navy because they wouldn’t allow him to “pray in Jesus’ name.” This has been debunked thoroughly and his allies know it, but fundamentalist mouths don’t mind lying when it serves their purposes. In short, Klingenschmitt fits right in.

David interviewed Klingenschmitt for this week’s David Pakman Show, and it was amazing.  It starts with a normal human-to-wingnut discussion of DADT repeal, but then the wingnut goes off the rails, completely and thoroughly. Check it: he advocates EXORCISM as the one true way to “cure” homosexuality, and then goes off on a long tangent about how gay men are lying when we say we’re gay, and that saying we’re gay is the same thing as claiming we are women! This is yet another example of the close correlation between a hatred of gay people and a deep hatred of women, as this sort of statement, from a man who doesn’t strike me as the epitome of “manliness” in the first place, must be taken in the context of their belief that women are inherently inferior. But it’s truly amazing in the year 2011 to hear religious extremists refer to “diseases” being caused by “demons.” Is Klingenschmitt aware of scientific advancement in the past 500 years, or is his Dungeons and Dragons belief system just more important to him than reality?

Also, there is a point where he describes a creepy ceremony he held with a lesbian sailor, but I won’t spoil that fer ya.

The video is below, or if you want, you can download the podcast.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first ten minutes of the show, and I think y’all will too.

I sure hope Klingenschmitt got to keep whatever helmets the military issued him, because he obviously needs them.