Okay, time for music and then it’s the weekend. As I work through the incredibly OCD process of working through my music collection [backwards, alphabetically] and choosing what I want on this hard drive and that, I’ve made quite a few lovely rediscoveries. One of those is October Project, a band which happened in the early ’90’s. I didn’t discover them until the late ’90’s, though, and when somebody sent one of their songs to me, I just stopped and said “Oh my, this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.” Mary Fahl’s voice is deep and haunting, and I’m finding that they’re resonating with me right now. So let’s start with a couple songs from their self-titled record, hit shuffle and see where we end up ten songs later! More videos after the jump.

1. Indigo Girls – “Salty South”
2. Sutton Foster – “Warm All Over”
3. Dar Williams – “Midnight Radio” [from Hedwig and the Angry Inch]
4. Amanda Palmer – “Exit Music (For A Film)” [Radiohead cover]
5. Eef Barzelay – “Marie”
6. White Hinterland – “Lucky Cloud” [Arthur Russell cover]
7. Amos Lee – “Ease Back”
8. Prince – “Pope”
9. Soul Miner’s Daughter – “Tried Hard Enough”
10. Music Go Music – “Warm In The Shadows”

I never put it together that the Dar Williams song above was the same as the Hedwig song, until I was putting this post together. How cool.  Also, Sutton Foster, exquisite as ever.

Sutton Foster – “Warm All Over”

Just for fun, here’s the original “Midnight Radio” from the movie: