Media Matters has a question for wannabe Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty:

In light of Fischer’s history of outrageous rhetoric and penchant for pushing known falsehoods, I wonder what former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty was thinking when decided to appear on [Bryan] Fischer’s AFA radio show to promote his new book and announce his desire to reinstate “Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell” — a policy that 77 percent of Americans and 70 percent of white evangelicals supported repealing.

Media Matters points out, of course, that Bryan Fischer is the primary reason that the American Family Association is now listed as an SPLC-certified hate group, due to his history of bigoted statements about basically anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual Christian male, including his propagation of Scott Lively’s lies about the Nazis being a primarily homosexual movement.

If Tim Pawlenty wants to reach that ever shrinking segment of the American population which thrives on bigotry and ignorance, that’s his choice, but he should remember that an ever increasing percentage of the American population is repelled by that which is spewed forth on a daily basis by the likes of Bryan Fischer.

Here’s the interview if you want to see it: