Oh no, this is distressing!  The leader a very small, largely irrelevant hate group has a problem with the proposal for more gender-neutral passports, which is funny, because wingnuts don’t tend to be very well-traveled people.   Oh, and by the way, apparently the State Department caved to the loonies on the issue, which is completely lame:

The State Department has backed away from a suggestion that would have changed the “mother” and “father” titles in American passports to make them more “inclusive.”

Had Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s amendment been approved, passports would have instead listed “mother or parent 1” and “father or parent 2” in order to accommodate homosexuals who are raising children.

Or grandparents or step-parents or aunts and uncles…

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) tells OneNewsNow the proposal, although short-lived, represents another marker in society’s decline.

“Two ‘moms,’ so-called, or two ‘daddies’ is not a real family,” he contends. “It’s an artificial construct; it’s a copy cat of the real deal, and to see it all formalized by the state is a scary thing.”

Two grandparents raising children? Not a real family. An mother and a stepfather? A single mom with kids? Not a real family. Nope, if you follow Peter’s “logic,” no families are real unless they involve one man’s sperm magic conquering one chattel wife’s egg factory, and stuff.

He suggests the action was simply another Washington-generated advance for liberal causes.

“If the Republican Party is going to be AWOL on these homosexual activist agenda items, then Americans are going to have to start looking towards a third party or some other force that’s going to take on this agenda,” LaBarbera contends. “If the Democrats are pushing the agenda and the Republicans remain silent, then the homosexual agenda moves forward.”

Please, wingnuts, look toward a third party. We’ll get so much more done, so much faster, if you do.