It’s probably not over DADT repeal.

You’ll remember yesterday I posted a video of prophetess Cindy Jacobs doing her loopy preaching thing, wherein she claimed that God was making birds fall out of the sky in Arkansas because DADT was repealed.

PZ Myers has now responded:

Again, I don’t quite get the logic. God hates gays, so he’s taken to randomly smiting birds in Arkansas. What’s the sense in that? Were these gay birds? Were they wagging their cloacas heavenward and bragging in bird song about coming out? It’s a confusing message that really doesn’t come across well.

If this god really wanted to communicate the idea that gay sex is bad, and somehow do it using birds, it would have made more sense to, say, have birds smash through windows and throw themselves across any orifice about to be penetrated by a gay man. That would shake people up.

And don’t do it in Arkansas — try New York and San Francisco. Birds dropping dead in Arkansas is more likely to be interpreted as a sign of offense at NASCAR or country music or committing incest while barefoot with a corncob pipe in one’s mouth (I know, it’s an unfair stereotype, but you know god doesn’t seem to be operating on the basis of individual behavior, any way).

We who hail from Arkansas say “touché, P.Z., touché!