Here, without further ado, are the other tabs open in my browser:

1. A new study, done by a panel of twenty-six researchers, has come out showing the connections between bullying [of all kinds: childhood, Religious Right, societal] and higher rates of depression and suicide in LGBT people. Add that one to the growing stack our ideological opponents pretend doesn’t exist.

2. Cliff Schecter has a great new piece where he compares the Religious Right’s current freak-outs over gays to the film Black Swan, suggesting that what wingnuts fear the most with the growing tide of gay acceptance is the black swans in their own mirrors.  This is a good point, as one of the hallmarks of the Religious Right is their desperate need for authority figures and rulebooks to, seemingly, protect them from themselves.

3.  GLAAD and the Rainbow Sash Movement, a group of LGBT Catholics, are at odds over whether anti-gay bigots should be given airtime on networks.  I tend to fall in with the Catholics here [for once], with a few caveats, mostly for the media conducting interviews.  I think the FRC and AFA should have all the airtime they want, because they damn themselves in the eyes of the general populations with their unfiltered words.  However, I think the media needs to drop the act where they pretend there are simply “two opposing sides,” and step up their game in calling BS when people like Tony Perkins start farting provably untrue crap out of their wordholes.

4.  Chely Wright is so awesome, but sometimes integrity comes with consequences.  She’s lost a lot of record sales and received death threats since coming out.  Poor thing.  Chely:  Make like the Dixie Chicks and cultivate real, grown-up music fans.

Good afternoon!