castroEverything about this gruesome story is just bizarre, but it speaks of the self-hatred engendered by religious teaching, which could lead a person to try to kill in others that which they wish to kill in themselves:

A male model has apparently admitted using a corkscrew to castrate a gay fashion writer to ‘cure’ him of his homosexuality.

Renato Seabra also allegedly used the corkscrew to gouge out the eye of 65-year-old Carlos Castro during the gruesome attack.

Castro was found dead in his New York hotel suite having suffered multiple injuries, including being castrated.


After his arrest Seabra allegedly told police he had killed Castro to get rid of his ‘homosexual demons’.

‘He said he did it to get rid of Castro’s homosexual demons,’ one of the police sources said.

Seabra is also alleged to have shouted ‘I’m not gay anymore’ after the attack.

The model’s mother is later quoted as saying that her son never hid his sexuality — his heterosexuality.  Details are sketchy, but the boy is also described as being very religious, hence my original comment.