Congratulations to Steve Buckley:

Longtime sportswriter Steve Buckley is having a coming-out party. And the whole world’s invited.

The 54-year-old announced that he’s gay in an especially candid column today in the Boston Herald. Shortly after it was posted, it had more than 300 comments.

In the piece, “Welcome to my coming-out party,” Buckley recounts how his mother suggested seven years ago that he come out in “that story you’ve been talking about.”

The columnist said he made “the biggest mistake of my life” because he didn’t write the piece immediately.


“I haven’t been fair to my family, my friends or my co-workers. And I certainly haven’t been fair to myself: For too many years, I’ve been on the sidelines of Boston’s gay community but not in the game — figuratively and literally,” he wrote.

We are everywhere, just like we’ve always been sayin’.

Here’s his column if you want to read it.